Windows uses a huge number of icons and signs to let us know what it's up to, but they're not always that easy to decode. From time to time you'll suddenly notice one of the little pictures at the bottom of the screen is doing something different and have no idea why.

For those observant symbol spotters out there, one of the most commonly seen is a mysterious blue circle that hovers over the network connection icon. What does it mean, and is there anything you need to do about it?

The Knowhow

The network connection icon has a number of variations to let you know its status.

Red X: This means there is no network connection available

wireless internet yellow triangle over connection Yellow Triangle: This indicates a potential problem with the connection; it represents a warning sign

Blue Circle: This shows the network is connected to the internet; this represents the world, as in the World Wide Web

Sometimes there is a slight delay in these symbols appearing due to the system working hard on other processes, so the "connected to the internet" symbol can appear when you're not connected.

If you're still having internet troubles and can't find a solution, help is on hand. For more information, click on the link below:

Updated On:

Jul 16, 2012

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