Wine refrigerators or coolers are refrigerating units and are specifically designed for the storage of red and white wine or champagne. If you are concerned you wine cooler is not cold enough, here are a few facts to help put your mind at rest.

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It's a common mistake to assume that a wine cooler will have a temperature equal to that of a regular refrigerator, but that isn't the case at all. It is usual for wine coolers to run at a higher internal temperature of between 6 - 8 degrees (compared with a food refrigerator which typically runs at between 1- 4 degrees). Consult the drinks cooler manufacturer's instructions to find out what your cooler's optimum temperature should be.

The difference in temperature is very important; wine is not supposed to be served at the same temperature as beer or soft drinks for example. The recommended temperatures for wine are as follows:

  • For red wine: between 15-19 degrees
  • For white wine: between 8-14 degrees
  • For champagne and sparkling wine: between 6 - 8 degrees

If your wine cooler isn't hitting its target temperature, and is hovering higher than the recommended 6-8 degrees, there may be one of several problems:

  • Check your fan: is the wine cooler's fan unit blocked or clogged up in any way? Any obstruction to your fan unit will affect the cooler's ability to chill the contents within
  • Check the cooler's location: is your cooler surrounded by warm electrical items, or is it boxed-in by piles of cookery books, food jars or anything else which might lead it to overheat? Try to keep the cooler separated so that it can maintain a low temperature and adequately ventilate itself.

If the problem is still not resolved contact our Knowhow team on: 0344 561 1234.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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