It's good to be cautious when connected to unfamiliar Wi-Fi hotspots, and Norton has built-in settings designed to keep your system safe. This is an effective system, but occasionally it can block access to wireless points you want to use. It's a simple process to let Norton know you trust the connection and let it through the firewall.

The Knowhow

  • Open Norton 360
  • Click on Tasks and Settings
  • Select Change Advanced Settings
  • Choose Firewall Protection Settings
  • Select Network Location
  • Choose the network you want to connect to
  • Use the left arrow to move the network to the Trusted section
  • Click Apply then Close

If the network you want to use isn't listed, use the following steps:

  • Go back to the Firewall Protection Settings menu
  • Click on the Firewall General Rules tab
  • Select Add > Permit and then click Next
  • Select Connects to and from other computers; click Next
  • Select Only the computers listed below; click Add
  • Enter the IP address of the network you want to connect to. The owner of the network should be able to give you this information
  • Click Next and then select All types of port
  • Click Next for the following two screens
  • Enter a description for the network; click Next then Finish
  • Select the rule you have just created
  • Click Move up until it is at the top of the list
  • Click Apply and then Close

Now repeat the initial steps to add the network to the trusted section.

Updated On:

Nov 23, 2011

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