You press a key on your number pad and instead of a number appearing, your screen is scrolling up and down. Most of us have had to deal with this at some point and there is a quick fix to getting the numbers working. The reason for this is that the number keys have been locked.

The Knowhow

separate num lock keyboard
  • The number keys on the right are controlled by the Num Lock key, which is located at the top left of these keys.
  • The number keys will work when Num Lock is turned on. There should be three lights, normally found above the number keys on the keyboard; the Num Lock key's light normally has a '1' above it.
  • Press the Num Lock key - one of the lights will turn on or off. When Num Key is off, the number keys will be used to scroll up and down the page.

Updated On:

Jul 10, 2012

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