If you're in a mad rush, it can be very frustrating when you click on a link and a whole new browser window appears. This article explains how to change the default settings in your browsers to make sure that your online links open in a new tab rather than in a whole new browser window.

The Knowhow

Click on one of the following links, for instructions for that browser:

Google Chrome Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox Safari

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and go to the Tools tab, which is identifiable by the small icon shaped like a spanner in the top-right-hand corner of your browser (see below). When the drop down menu appears, click on the option marked Options.

Chrome wrench settings

A new tab will open; select Under the Bonnet (from the left-hand-side) and then select Change Proxy Settings.

under the bonnet

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Internet Explorer

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options and then follow the steps below.

A new window will appear; select the tab marked General and then Settings. A pop-up will come into view - change the settings so the A new tab in the current window option is selected. Press OK to finish.

tabbed browing settings in internet explorer
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Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox and click on the Firefox button in the top left corner (Tools in XP); from the drop-down menu, click on Options.

firefox tools

Go to Tabs; from here you can review your options. Make sure the box, Open new windows in a new tab has a tick in it.

firefox options tab

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Open OS X Safari and go to the Preferences menu. The Preferences menu is located in the top-right-hand corner of your browser window screen (see below) and is identified by a small icon shaped like a cog. Click on the icon to proceed.

safari settings

From the drop down menu which appears, click on the option marked Preferences; a new window will appear, go to Tabs.

safari tabs

Check that the option Open pages in tabs instead of windows is changed from Never to Always.

safari open pages in tabs

A new pop-up will appear (see below); choose the button Always Create Tabs. This should change your settings so that new links always open in a new tab, rather than a new browser window.

safari always open in tabs

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Updated On:

Aug 01, 2012

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