A Chromebook recovery drive is useful if the Chrome OS becomes damaged, perhaps due to a failed software update. This article describes how to build the recovery media for the device. This can be done through Windows, Mac, Linux or directly from the Chromebook. It is suggested that you use a Windows PC to complete this process and this guide assumes you will do that. While this process is happening, you should continue with the set up on the Chromebook.

Chromebook recovery USB

You will also need a USB flash drive (or SD Card) of 4GB or more for this and the Internet download is around 350MB.

The Knowhow

Building the USB Flash drive

Create Chrome OS Recovery Media
  1. On a Windows PC, download the image creator tool from here:


  2. Once downloaded, run the tool and you will be presented with a window similar to this:
  3. From here, select the appropriate model of Chromebook that requires recovery. Ensure you select the Non-US models where a choice exists. This image creator tool will be updated as new Chromebook models are released, so ensure you keep this up to date.
  4. Once the correct model is selected, press Next and insert the USB flash drive.
  5. All data from the USB flash drive will be deleted and the most recent recovery image will be downloaded to the stick. Note: the latest image does not mean the latest version and it is likely Chrome OS will require updates once recovered.
  6. Once the process is complete, the software will exit and you have the recovery media now available for use on that model of Chromebook.

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Updated On:

May 22, 2014

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