With smartphones and tablet computers getting so many little downloadable gadgets to play with, our laptops can sometimes feel a bit jealous. Why should the new kids get all the best toys? After all, our laptops work hard for us and while those newer "pocket" devices are portable and fun, they can lack the power and functionality that the bigger computer delivers.

Well, it's all good news for your laptop. There's a whole array of little downloads you can make to enhance your experience, and many of them are ported straight across from the smartphones and tablets. Even better, some of these applications are designed especially for laptops and will give yours a whole new lease of life.

Here's how to treat your laptop to a new suite of mini-software that'll make it your top go-to device once again.

apps for your laptop

The Knowhow

What is an App?

App is short for Application. In short, it's another word for a piece of software. Most apps are quite small and easy to download. Many are free, while others are available for a small charge. You can get apps for almost any purpose, from office software to media players and even games.

As most of these apps are downloadable, they are ideal for laptops and netbooks that have no disk drive. Many of the apps are fairly small, so they can also be fitted onto a USB memory stick and installed onto devices that don't connect to the internet.

Where can you get Apps?

There are a number of great sites on the internet that list and link to essential laptop downloads. For example, the popular technology site CNET has a very good feature here. PCWorld magazine also has a comprehensive list.

If you have a Mac, Apple have created their own App Store. You can find more details here.

Updated On:

Nov 25, 2013

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